The building blocks of a moving experience

Ok, you already have a good idea of what it is that you want to achieve, but do you know the best way to achieve your aims? Or the most appropriate product or provider to assist you? Here’s a few reasons why Moving Experience is a sage choice to arrange your next mortgage.

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Time & Ease

We’ll objectively research the options available to you, from the comprehensive range of products available to the intermediary market, including exclusive products. We collate the necessary supporting documents and information, before submitting and chasing the application through on your behalf. We’ll even provide you, the estate agents and your solicitors with updates when appropriate.


Sincere, yet interesting

We recognise that for most people, their mortgage is the biggest financial commitment they will ever have. We treat our clients with the utmost sensitivity, sincerity and professionalism.



We discuss the needs of each individual, then research lenders and insurers to identify the options available. We will present our findings in a clear and coherent way, enabling you to make an informed choice and have peace of mind.

Plain English

Zero Jargon

We speak to you in plain English, and avoid confusing industry acronyms whenever possible. If whatever reason you’re unsure of a term, we’ll be there to make things clear.

Regular Reviews

Long-lasting Relationship

We won’t just disappear once we’ve got you to where you want to be. We agree regular reviews to help ensure that your arrangements continue to be the most suitable for your needs.


We offer face to face mortgage advice at a time and place that is convenient to you. If you would prefer to work together remotely, we can advise by phone, or e-mail (subject to the usual financial services identity verification procedures).

The process

We want to ensure that you get all the information you need, that it is relevant and accurate. Here’s an idea of how we will work with you to understand and assess your circumstances.


The Fact Find meeting

A chance for you to learn more about Moving Experience, who you’ll be working with, and the service offered. Our opportunity to learn about you, your current financial circumstances, and about your aims, objectives and preferences. You will then, if possible, be given an early indication of some options, and guidance about how best to proceed.


Time to reflect on our first meeting together, and to carry out some further research. You’ll be provided with illustrations and explanatory notes by e-mail or post, to review at your leisure. If it’s a mortgage that you need and if you want us to do so, we can contact the lender that’s offering the most appropriate product to request an ‘Agreement In Principle’ (AIP) for you. With your ‘AIP’ in place, you can begin your property search, confident that a lender will consider providing a mortgage up to the stated amount. Of course, we cannot make a full & final recommendation until the property has been decided.


Once you’ve found the house you’ve been hunting for, and your offer to purchase has been accepted, we will research your options once again. This is important because lenders amend existing products and launch new ones on a regular basis. When we meet, we’ll recap your preferences / options. You can be confident that the most suited product for your needs will be recommended, and agreed upon. We’ll help you to complete the necessary paperwork, and collate documentation (such as ID and proof of income etc.) needed to support your application.

The application process for protection products is very similar. We will revisit your objectives and choices, before presenting our recommended solution for you to consider. We’ll then submit proposals on your behalf.


No need to waste your time contacting call centres, or attempting to negotiate with lenders or insurers, we do all this for you. We submit your application, often online to accelerate the process, and copies of any supporting documentation will be supplied to the provider. Regular contact is made with the lender/insurer to ‘chase the case’, and updates will be provided for you, estate agents, and your solicitor, to keep all parties ‘in the loop’ and to provide peace of mind.

This is your call to action!

It’s time to act. With no obligation, we can help you make the first step to acquiring the most suitable mortgage for you. Just get in touch by giving us a call or by using our contact form today.

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