What if it had been you, not Ben?

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It’s Wednesday afternoon, and that means a few different things to me this week:

  • We’re more than half way through the working week, but (alas) not half way through work load!
  • Tomorrow I’ll be recording some videos, which is exciting and something different 🙂
  • There’s a very real possibility that this evening, once our young boys are safely tucked up in bed, my partner and I will probably eat our dinner whilst watching DIY SOS at 8pm … And I’m still thinking about the episode last week, which really struck a chord.

The programme has been running since 1999 on the BBC, and since its inception has taken on projects ranging in scale. I realise on reflection that I’ve been a viewer fairly consistently for a long time, and the reason it grabs my interest is a combination of the ‘human interest stories’ and also the buildings / projects themselves. It’s much the same as my day job, which is also centred around people and properties.

In the episode broadcast last week (3rd Oct 2018) the team visited Avening. There they worked, along with the trades people and others who volunteered, to help a chap called Ben. Following an accident whilst on holiday, and as a result of the injuries he sustained, Ben was unable to access his own house to be able to live with his young family.


The link has been included above, and I believe it will be possible to see the programme for another few weeks. The transformation of the house is amazing, and the story is one that really makes you stop and think. I’ve never met the chap, but from what’s said in the programme he seems like a great bloke, and once again we see documented evidence that bad things happen to good people … Ben slipped and fell in to a swimming pool, and in that moment his life and those of the people closest to him were changed forever.

During the 15 years that I’ve talked to clients about the range of products available to assist them and their partners / families / businesses to manage financially in the event illness or accident, I’ve found that often people might expect:

  • That there’s more support available from the state than there actually is.
  • Family could / would be able to help, but often it seems unrealistic that this could be sustained long term.
  • It’s only necessary to think about this stuff if / when you have a mortgage, or if you have kids. Who would pay the rent or other bills?

I sincerely hope that a similar situation will never affect you, but I have to ask how you might manage if it did?? Think for a moment now, what would your options be? What would life look like if it had been you, and not Ben, who slipped by the swimming pool?

If you don’t know where income would come from, or whether you would have a large enough sum to make changes to your home so that it could accommodate new needs, then please do seek advice. Bad stuff really does happen to good people, but the impact of that event might be mitigated by a little thought and proper planning at this stage.

If I can be of service then please get in touch by e-mail, phone, or the contact us page, and I’ll look forward to speaking with you soon.


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Matt Colley – 10th October 2018

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