My first fortnight – an apprentice’s eye view!

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Will OHara ApprenticeHi, my name’s Will and I am the new apprentice Mortgage administrator here at Moving Experience. I’ve lived in Bristol my whole life, and before I started working here I worked in a restaurant. I enjoyed it, but I always felt that that was not for me, so for the last 6 months I was looking for a change of career.

Looking at the extortionate price of going to university and having been used to working to earn a wage, I decided that the best way for me to go was to get an apprenticeship. It is a way of gaining respected professional qualifications, whilst being paid and gaining work place competency. I’ve always been a very numerate person and I knew that I wanted to work in finance, but as it’s such a broad field I was unsure where to start looking. After checking out various courses and companies who do accountancy, which didn’t inspire me, I came across the opportunity with Moving Experience and was instantly impressed. After an intriguing and quite informal interview with Matt and Yvette, I was very keen to join the team and to learn how to help people to plan for their futures. After a few short weeks I was starting my first day.

Previously, I didn’t have any knowledge about Mortgages, Protection Insurance, or even working in an office environment so everything’s new to me, but I am finding that  learning about the financial structures and procedures involved in the job is very rewarding. The Aardman offices are a fantastic place to work because there are so many different projects all going on at once with so many interesting people. I’ve been shadowing Yvette, and she’s been ‘showing me the ropes’ of what my role will be. With her help, and along with Matt’s guidance, I think I’m picking it up pretty quickly.

As an administrator I’ll be working with client information, and processing this in the correct way, from the initial meetings all the way through to completion of the transaction and beyond. This will free Matt up to spend more time with new clients, and to meet with existing clients more regularly. I’ve accompanied Matt to a meeting with a contemporary of his, during which they discussed their businesses to explore if the two companies could work together, which was very informative. I will be going with Matt to  meet a new client, which should give me a better insight into the processes that he goes through when establishing a relationship with a new client, and helping them to get the right advice. I have also had a training meeting with the mortgage network (First Complete Ltd) and a meeting with the lady who will help with my apprenticeship, so things are well under way!

I have had a really interesting first fortnight here and I’m genuinely excited about my future with Moving Experience.