What’s in a number?

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Quite a lot, it would seem, if that number’s your postcode. I can tell you from experience that it’s not just an urban myth that families will move lock, stock and kitchen table in order to give their children access to the best schools.back-to-school

It was reported in The Scotsman that a recent study by Santander showed more than 26% of families with children of school age have either bought or rented a new property, to have an address within the catchment area of their ideal school. The study also found that parents would typically be prepared to spend an 11% premium, in order to be near the school they want their child to attend.

The report that I’ve quoted from above, contains figures that are similar to those reported by The Guardian in September 2015, and seems to show an annual trend.. How far would you go to secure a place?

We must remember though that different audiences have different requirements, so what else is important and influential?? For young professionals it may be the proximity of good transport links (whether that’s planes, trains, or automobiles) or perhaps a desire to live centrally and be able to walk to work. For an older buyer there may be a preference for access to health provisions, and to a local high street for essentials.

It seems that, whatever is included on your preferred list, you should probably be prepared for some compromise. This article from Business Insider suggests that 28% will need to compromise on location, and that people will often underestimate how expensive it is to move.

If you are thinking of your next move, no matter what the catalyst or motivation, please get in touch to chat through options, before you setting your heart on your next dream home.


Matt Colley – 19/9/16

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