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I often hear this phrase used quite glibly, not just by the media but also by potential clients. It makes it sounds so easy to buy your first house and “get a foot on the property ladder”. However, in practical terms, for some first time buyer situations it might not be so simple. Property is… Read more »

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Our clients, and the relationship that we have with them, is at the centre of everything our team do. A client told me many years ago shortly before the firm was established, “You’re not like a normal advisor, you’re like a mate who knows this sort of stuff” and that’s the way I want everyone… Read more »

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Moving Experience recently announced that we will be supporting local children’s charity Jessie May. A great local charity that helps children with terminal illness in Bristol, South Glos, and BANES and their families, by providing a ‘hospice at home’ service for the children that they care for. The brilliant nurses that provide this care help the families by… Read more »

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At this time of year, our thoughts often turn towards helping those in less fortunate circumstances than ourselves. Friday 14th November brings us the BBC’s annual Children in Need campaign, which supports over 2,600 projects across the UK, helping children to achieve a better quality of life. Last year people all across the country contributed towards a record-breaking… Read more »

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Last week I was invited to speak to a group of 20+ business people, and to talk about Moving Experience and the products and services that we offer. It would have been easy to launch into a 10 minute ‘heavy sales pitch’, but that could have been boring, obvious, and not consistent with what I’m… Read more »

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The BBC’s ‘DIY SOS: The Big Build’ programme helps families from across the UK who find themselves in challenging circumstances, by transforming their homes in to places that are suited to their particular set of circumstances. Last night, the family involved had suffered a major and traumatic event, whilst on a holiday to visit relatives… Read more »