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Moving Experience offers objective, clear, coherent, mortgage advice, and protection solutions, tailored to suit your personal needs and circumstances. We’re proud to be a Bristol based firm, but we welcome and enjoy working with a broad spectrum of clients from a wealth of different backgrounds, professions, and roles – from across many parts of the UK.

Matt Colley

Following almost 7 years working in the financial services industry (approx. 2 years for a bank, almost 5 years with an I.F.A.) Matt decided to launch Moving Experience in May 2007.  The business has gone from strength to strength … not bad for a bloke who wanted to be a professional musician.

When he was once asked about the change of direction Matt remarked “Compared to a drum kit, a laptop & calculator are much easier instruments to carry”, and describes his work history as “not so much a career, more a series of happy accidents! ”.

The favoured part of working life is “drinking tea and chatting with clients”. After hours interests are described on Twitter as “Drummer, music lover, enthusiastic skier (more speed than talent), & F1 geek!”

“I am always confident that Moving Experience will find the best product for me, and they do as much as they can to make it as easy as possible for me, helping to ensure everything progresses smoothly. They offer a personal, yet extremely professional service, and there is simply no reason to turn to anyone else.” JS 3/2016

Where we work

Moving Experience is a Bristol based company, that welcomes and assists clients based throughout the UK. Face to face initial appointments are offered, within a 30 mile radius of Bristol, at a time and place that is convenient to you.

Face to face appointments, in order to answer any questions and to assist with applications, are usually available for clients up to 150 mls / 2.5 hrs from Bristol.

If you would prefer to work together remotely, we can advise by phone, post, or e-mail (subject to the usual financial services identity verification procedures).

Contact usWhat to expect

Will O’Hara

Will has been working in the business since November 2014, and he should complete studies towards his Mortgage Administration apprenticeship with us in May 2016. His primary roles are to liaise regularly with providers, update clients, and to provide support to Matt and Yvette.

Support crew

At Moving Experience we have an on the ground support crew that keep the team on track with Marketing, HR and Finance.

They’re an essential and trusted part of the business!

Team recognition

In 2017 we were delighted to be recognised as Micro-Employer of the Year, for the second year running, in the Apprenticeship Awards.

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Quick Taster Studies

Starting again

A couple that were left facing some financial challenges, following a redundancy and the birth of a new baby. Once Mr Client had found a new role, and the family had taken large steps to achieving a more stable financial position, we were able to obtain a 90% ‘mainstream’ mortgage from a high street lender, enabling the couple to purchase a new family home.

The Business partner

A professional person who was offered the opportunity to purchase a share of the business where he worked. We found a lender, offering a great product, that allowed remortgage including ‘capital raising for business purposes’.

The Newly-weds

Young couple, recently married, looking to buy their first home. Mrs. Client is a UK citizen, & Mr Client is a foreign national who moved to the UK following the marriage. Although Mr C had not yet been granted ‘indefinite leave to remain’, we identified a lender that (after considering their circumstances) was prepared to provide the loan.

What our clients say about us

“Straightforward reliable advice, with a friendly and easy approach to make getting a mortgage/re mortgage less stressful an experience.” 9/2017

“I always feel that my best interests are at the forefront of any advice given and I have benefited hugely from that.” V 10/2017

“Matt is absolutely AMAZING. We had an unpleasant experience with the bank, but Matt was fantastic with us! He recognised how important purchasing our first home was, and explained everything clearly and simply.” BP 3/2014

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